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Comments: "Broadband China" landing should be the size of both

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"The decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Deepening the Reform of Some Major Issues" puts forward the integration of science and technology planning and resources to improve the government's support mechanism for basic, strategic, cutting-edge scientific research and common technology research.


 Ministry of Industry and Telecommunications Bureau of the relevant person in charge said recently that in Chengdu, Wuhan, seven cities in the state-level Internet backbone directly connected, after completion will greatly improve the efficiency of China's Internet network to promote the "broadband China" strategy. Previously, "Broadband China" strategy and implementation of the program will be officially developed into a national strategy for broadband, proposed by 2015 the basic realization of urban fiber to the floor, rural broadband into the village, by 2020 to achieve broadband basic coverage of urban and rural areas.

Broadband admission difficult to see the newspaper, has become a common phenomenon. To make the "broadband China" strategy as soon as possible, it is necessary to solve the public infrastructure is unclear, regional and urban and rural development is not balanced, the application of services is not rich and other "big" problem, but also to solve the broadband construction admission difficult, information sharing difficult "piece of cake.

It is estimated that to implement the "broadband China" strategy, by 2020 need to invest about 2 trillion yuan of infrastructure construction funds. Limited to financial pressure, telecom operators will tend to invest in some good areas of return, and in the network construction is more difficult, low return on investment in rural areas and the central and western regions, broadband construction is lagging behind.

In order to solve the problem of broadband construction, the "broadband China" strategy mentioned the use of the establishment of universal service funds and government procurement services and other methods, but still need to introduce more detailed follow-up measures. These need a multi-pronged government, in the capital and fiscal policy to increase support.

At present, there are two reasons for this problem: First, the broadband market competition, the second is difficult to land policy. Although the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Housing and Construction has issued a notice requiring new homes must be fiber home, the property shall not restrict the operator access. But the effect remains to be seen.

Cultivating the broadband market and cultivating broadband applications is also critical. "Broadband China" strategy and promote the consumption of information in one fell swoop, is the latter's important cornerstone and investment breakthrough. The development of broadband applications, to expand information consumption, the Government should open more information. In Hubei Province, China Telecom and Wuhan City Department of Transportation cooperation, part of the traffic camera to collect information to the public open, the user through the broadband network on the TV can view the designated location of real-time traffic, benefit the masses.

But also to see that in many areas of government information disclosure there are still many problems, some departments do not want to share information, some data format is not uniform, difficult to interoperability. And only in the "information highway" on the run more information in order to support the construction and maintenance of broadband to achieve its role in promoting economic development.

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