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The new favorite fiber optic sensor

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Speaking of Internet of things automation, then the sensor would have to focus on analysis, a small sensor is the Internet to be an important part of the rapid development of the Internet, and with the momentum of development of things, the sensor also followed!

 Sensors in the direction of sensitive, accurate, adaptable, compact and intelligent direction. In this process, fiber sensors are new members of this new family of sensors.

 Analysis of Fiber Optic Sensors

A higher sensitivity;

Second, the geometry has a wide range of adaptability, can be made into any shape of the optical fiber sensor;

Third, you can create a variety of sensing different physical information (sound, magnetic, temperature, rotation, etc.) devices;

Four, can be used for high pressure, electrical noise, high temperature, corrosion, or other harsh environments;

Five, but also with the optical fiber telemetry technology inherent compatibility.

Fiber optic sensor applications a wide range, mainly in the following areas:

Application of Interference Gyroscope and Grating Pressure Sensor in Bridge, Dam and Oilfield in Urban Construction. Fiber optic sensors can be embedded in concrete, carbon fiber reinforced plastics and various composite materials for testing stress relaxation, construction stress and dynamic load stress, so as to evaluate the short-term construction stage of the bridge and long-term operation of the structural performance.

In the power system, the need to determine the temperature, current and other parameters, such as high-voltage transformers and large motor stator, rotor temperature detection, etc., because the electrical sensor susceptible to electromagnetic interference, can not be used in such occasions, Fiber Optic Sensor. For example, distributed fiber temperature sensor is developed in recent years for a real-time measurement of space temperature field distribution of high-tech.

For the production of flammable and explosive materials and equipment, temperature measurement. Optical fiber sensor is essentially a fireproof explosion-proof device, it does not require the use of explosion-proof measures, very safe and reliable. Compared with the electrical sensor, both can reduce costs and improve sensitivity.

In addition, it can be used in railway monitoring, rocket propulsion systems and oil well detection and so on.

In short, the Internet of things and fiber optic sensing complement each other, promote each other's role. Fiber at the same time with broadband, large capacity, long-distance transmission and can achieve multi-parameter, distributed, low power consumption of the significant advantages. Fiber optic sensors can continue to learn from the new technology of optical fiber communication (such as new semiconductor light source, new fiber), new devices, a variety of fiber optic sensors are expected to be widely used in the Internet of things. Fiber technology in the Internet of things has a very broad application prospects, all-ray networking is expected in the future and become a new form of Internet of Things.

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