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1 Laboratory Status
" Optical fiber communication technology and product development laboratory" now has a research base of 1,600 square meters , pilot base two , has product development rooms, fiber optic communications laboratory , optical performance lab , information networks rooms, laboratories, and other materials , the purchase installed PK6500/FTB-200 V2 / TD-3000/CMA4000 OTDR, S18 fiber transmission parameter tester , FRG-2 fiber ribbon geometry tester ,87402 -51 optical Time Domain reflectometer , mechanical properties testing equipment , insulation resistance test detector test , the DC resistance tester , horizontal tensile testing machine testing machine and other equipment more than 70 units / sets . has perfect information network system, with fixed technical personnel 47 people, including 12 senior technical titles , middle and junior titles staff of 35 people , while employing domestic optical communication industry renowned expert Professor Laboratory academic Committee composed of 10 people , nine people visiting scholars , committed to the development of the current constraints of the difficult problems in the optical communications industry .
In recent years , the laboratory has undertaken to complete the project and implementation of provincial level or above , including: national key new product plans , the State Torch Program , the central budget for investment in energy equipment technological transformation projects , Shandong Province, the third installment of strategic emerging industries , such as item 14 projects, including research and development of optical fiber composite cable insulation products, metal hose armored external opto-electronic hybrid indoor cable products have been included in the national key new products, fiber optic cable products are also included in the composite insulation Torch Plan , optical fiber and cable industry projects are listed into the third installment of strategic emerging industries in Shandong Province and Shandong Province in 2013 key construction projects , interior access fiber composite insulated cables in 2013 as a national electronic information industry revitalization and transformation projects .

Up to now the country has applied for 59 patents , including 11 invention patents , one has authorized , utility model patents, 40 have been authorized , in newspapers and magazines all levels of academic papers published more than 20 papers, a domestic first-class optical fiber communication technology and product development laboratory , with strong research and innovation, self-development, testing and test capabilities. Laboratory and scientific research in improving its own building on the basis of the " Shandong Key Laboratory of Optical Communication Science and Technology ", "Shandong Province Optical Communications Engineering Technology Research Center ", "modern optical communication Shandong Province Key Laboratory of strengthening the construction of " building have good communication and cooperative relations on the basis of excellence made ​​themselves more excellent solution , providing excellent technology and products for optical communications networks.


2, the main research directions 
The main research laboratory for the fiber-optic communications network technologies and production processes and product development of optical communication technology in fiber optic cable and related devices. Research on optical fiber communication and optical fiber cable forefront of international development issues, and strategic and forward-looking to the international introduction of absorption and innovation as the guiding ideology, optical fiber communication and optical fiber research and downstream of new products, new models, new technology development. Specific technical innovation objectives are as follows: 
1) optical fiber communication technology studies to determine FTTH Solutions 
2) ODN network device research related to the development of optoelectronic and related products 
3) optical fiber, optical cable product technology research and product development as well as detection 
Research Process 4) photoelectric composite cable and product development 
5) fiber optic cable with the selection of raw materials and research to solve suitable for FTTH indoor use requirements.