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Shandong Pacific Optics Fiber and Cable Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999 and located at Yanggu in Shandon, which is the hometown where Wu Song fought with a tiger. It is a National High-tech Technology Corporation, Technological Center of Provincial Enterprise, Research Center of National Network Engineering and Technology, Model Enterprise of “Integrate IT Application with Industrialization” and Training Base for Graduate Students of Beijing Jiaotong University, Nanjing Post and Communications University, Xi'an Jiaotong University and Liaocheng University. The company is an excellent management and innovation corporation in Shandong, which is awarded “defends the contract heavy credit enterprise.” In addition, it is also the Patent Star Enterprise and famous brand product of Shandong, which has ever been awarded “Creational Enterprise.”

The company currently has production of 7.5 million kilometers of fiber, 10 million kilometers of ordinary optical cable, 0.6 million kilometers of indoor optical cable, 8000 kilometers of fireproof flexible cable, 6000 kilometers of optical fiber composite insulated cable, 20000 kilometers of OPGW optical cable, 2 million of optical jumper and 3 million of soft jumper fiber.

Optical fiber communication and power transmission productions produced mainly by the company have been developed about one hundred series and there are more than thousands of varieties, which cover the latest productions and technologies in the field of optical cable of our country and also make up many defects, such as production which involves in central tube type cable, GYSTS, ribbon cable, ADSS, OPGW, OPPC cable, GJXH, indoor cable, optical fiber connector, fireproof and salamandrine flexible cable and nuclear cable. And it is a new high-tech technological enterprise that integrates production of ordinary cable and special wire cable and research. The productions from the company are used in China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom, State Grid of China, military grid, chief headquarter communication, broadcast, oil field, railway, coal mine and national main line communication and development of local network. These productions are made good use in Tibet, Xinjiang and Taiwan; and they are also exported to Kazakhstan, Singapore, Pakistan and other countries and regions.

With strong technological research force, the company founded the first national network laboratory and provincial important laboratory in Shandong. Therefore, it has successfully developed GTTS, indoor cable, optical fiber connector, GJXH and other special cable. It also established strategic cooperation relationships with Beijing Jiaotong University, Nanjing Post and Communications University and Xi'an Jiaotong University successively, which obtained 93 new available letters patent and 14 invention patent certifications; meanwhile the insulated optical fiber composite cable is included in “National Torch Plan.” And the insulated optical fiber composite cable together with optical power composite cable which are used in indoor mental soft armour is awarded as“key point production.”

Talents are key factor of quality. The company starts high-end talent employment mechanism and invited specialists and professors from Research Institution of Post and Telecommunication and corresponding industry as its technical advisers. In addition, it also established a science and technology research center which contains technical advisers, technology innovation leaders of the company and development and research group, which provides strong intellectual support for technological innovation of Pacific Optics Fiber and Cable.

The company established scientific and high-efficient mechanism for pre-sale, in-sale and post-sale service. It also founded working offices in all parts of the country which take responsibility for connecting of optical cable and repair work; meanwhile it provided imported welding machine, testing instrument and special service vehicles for work to arrive at the site to supply technological service at fast speed. The national free service phone: 400-8757-789.