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After-sale Service

Taking “our pursuit is the satisfaction of users” as our company’s Operation Principle, we solemnly promise to our users: the warranty period of cables provided by our company is 24 months. No matter during the process of installing cables or in the process of use, we will provide technical support on problems that users met, and respond positively to those problems. After being noticed, we will react and provide solutions within two hours. if necessary, we will send engineers to the site as soon as possible, and solve it within 24 hours. If there is a communication breakdown caused by the quality of cables, we will change the product free of charge and be liable for all resulting costs.
Users can get in touch with our company over an agreed period of time, and make new request according to the implementation of quality system.
Users can get all the related files, including quality and production test rating and other contract-specified technical files. Based on these documents, we ensure that the process of implementing quality is corresponded to the quality plan in contract.
I.Techniques, After-sale service
1. The Delivery Product Inspection Report, Certificate of Conformity and technical data and drawing needed by Engineering Design are available.
2. Right way to use, construct and maintain products is available.
3. Relevant technical training is provided.
4. Overall technical services and line repairing services are provided to the connection and construction of cables.
5. We provide 24-hour hot line service in and out of the warranty period, and set up Technology Support Department and Office Service Center to offer service.
Hotline Number: 4006-588666 (FREE) 0635-6512686 15606356807
6. During the project construction, when it is necessary for end users, we offer cable testing instrument; and we will send technicians to the scene when the works are being accepted.
II. Transportation and Products Supply Service
Our Company has our own logistics center, the products will be sent to the location appointed by our users; as to emergency products, we have stocks that can be transported to locations appointed by customers with the transport fleet of our Company. Our Company will be responsible for the losses of damages caused by packages and transportations.
III. Dealing with Opinions and Complaints of the Customers
1. Set up customers’ files, record customers’ complaints and make active response.
2. Interview users and ask for their opinions regularly.
3. Solve customers’ questions in the shortest possible time.
4. Can buy optical products and optical transmitter equipment on user’s behalf.